10 Vegan High Protein Breakfast Ideas


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High-protein vegan breakfast food may seem inaccessible but fear not! There are bunches of tremendously vegan high-protein breakfast recipes for you to try!

As a health and wellness person, you can always experiment with new foods and recent eating methods that will make you feel satisfied. I’ve come to realize that consuming a high-protein breakfast can make you feel pretty dang good. And here are the reasons why protein at breakfast is necessary and some vegan high-protein breakfast ideas to get you commenced!

Why Do We Need Protein at Breakfast?

Excess protein (and fats) at breakfast can make you feel fuller and longer. This implies that you don’t have to eat a ‘second breakfast’ at 11 am. And if you are more caffeine-sensitive, you would realize that extra protein and fat seem to help you temper that buzz from your morning tea, leading to constant brain and body function.

Protein and fat are gradually digested and enabled to keep you fuller longer so that you’re less likely to be starving in the mid-morning. Research has revealed that high consumption of protein breakfast can lead to occasional cravings and better eating alternatives throughout the day as it helps balance blood sugar and regulates hunger hormones.

In addition, if you’re concentrating on fiber and protein, you’re less likely to eat excess sugar at breakfast, which can result in spikes in blood sugar and keep you craving sugar all day.

This is one of the reasons why Bulletproof coffee is so popular: the big advantage is that high-fat coffee helps restrict caffeine. Usually, Bulletproof is made with butter, but you can exchange coconut butter and it’s fantastic. Discover the recipe for vegan bulletproof coffee below here.

10 Vegan High Protein Breakfast Ideas

1. Miso Soup

Miso is one of the reasonable vegan high protein for daily breakfast, but it’s particularly good when you’re feeling sick or even a bit hungover. At its most basic, miso soup is simply miso and hot water, but for a better substantial meal, you can mix in noodles, tofu, beans, or greens to make it heartier. miso soup healing miso soup, for breakfast or any time of day.

2. Chickpea Flatbread (Socca)

It is made from high-protein chickpea flour (also known as garbanzo or besan flour), chickpea flatbread is straightforward, delicious, and can be customized for a perfect breakfast. Cooking from Scratch: Socca Chickpea Flour flatbread, socca.

3. Congee:

Congee is also one of the vegan high-protein ideas that you can consider. It’s a rice porridge and is a tack in countries around the globe. Mix in miso, broth, or veggies and beans for an additional substantial meal. Brown Rice Congee is a great, savory, high-protein breakfast that’s vegan.

4. Vegan Frittata

This recipe uses a combination of blended silken and sauteed regular tofu for an incredible breakfast or brunch. It’s a great make-ahead breakfast and is amazing as leftovers. You can likewise try Strata. It’s just like a frittata, but with bread chunks. Play with mix-ins to make it fantastic. This version uses abundant amounts of spinach for an easy breakfast or brunch meal. vegan savory breakfasts vegan frittata from Vibrant Wellness Journal


5. Vegetable Hash

Vegetable Hash is a stir-fry with potatoes. It’s a wonderful recipe for using up leftover veggies, veggie burgers, or beans, and makes hearty, savory breakfast meals. Also fantastic inside a burrito wrap!

6. Avocado Benedict:

The recipe is secret, but you can still get awesome Avocado Benedict made with your choice of bread, sauteed spinach, fried tomatoes, and veggie sausages from your favorite brand; you could likewise use baked tofu or tempeh. Use chickpea gravy or a classic vegan Benedict sauce.

7. Fava Bean Soup

Have you ever eaten in Egypt for breakfast? Full mandamus, or ful medames, is made with fava beans, cumin, olive oil, and fresh herbs. Fava beans are the only beans you can decide not to cook from scratch, since they take forever and have to be skinned after cooking. You can also select a canned version, and peel the thick skins off before you start cooking. ful mandamus fava bean soup Full muddamus, of Fava Bean Soup

8. Tofu & Sausage Scramble:

Eventually, a scramble for veggies and omnivores! Make a major batch, so you can enjoy it all week long as burritos, tacos, or simply as it is. It tastes so good that even a tofu-hating craver eats it! vegan tofu scramble Tofu and Sausage Scramble

9. Whole Grain Porridge and Greens:

Whether you use teff, polenta, or a different mashy whole grain, these bowls in particular will satisfy you with fiber, protein, and an adequate dose of greenery to begin your day. teff porridge Creamy teff porridge with greens and raisins.

10. Avocado Toast

I bet this will be one of your favorite quick breakfasts: it is sprouted bread, plentiful avocados, and nourishing yeast and salt as the topping. And you can also top it with homemade sauerkraut for an additional flavorful all-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vegan food is highest in protein?

The subsequent healthful, plant-based foods have a high-protein content per serving: Tofu, tempeh, and edamame. Lentils, Chickpeas, Peanuts, Almonds, Spirulina, Quinoa, Mycoprotein.

How can vegans get 120 grams of protein a day?

Putting protein powder into your smoothie is the simple and easiest way for vegans to get sufficient protein every day. Eating up a whole-wheat bagel with peanut or almond butter for a snack. Adding beans to your pasta dishes. Lots of lentils. Hummus on a full wheat pita for a snack.


You can’t seem to make time in the morning to sit down and enjoy breakfast! why don’t you try these recipes information provided above and grab one or two before you run out of the door each morning?

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