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6 Delicious Ways to Cook Brussels Sprouts



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If you’ve got some bad memories with Brussels sprouts, you are likely not the only one with this experience. I’m here to tell you that they can be so very much nicer than you remember.

Trust me, like other unfairly maligned veggies (mushrooms, beets, radishes…), it all
depends on how you cook them. Of course, they’re magnificent as a side dish, but I’m also
snacking on them and pairing them with our major.

Spring is near, I can taste it, and this implies that we are currently in Brussels sprouts season!

These tiny cruciferous newborns are an incredible vegan source of calcium and they have eight
percent of your daily protein value in a one-cup serving. And that exact cup of Brussels also
provides vitamins C and K and a healthy amount of folate. There are numerous delectable ways
that you can cook Brussels sprouts.

And these are a few of the 6 best ways to bring you to cooking! Check out the 6 delicious ways to cook.

Brussels sprouts recipes for ideas—you might simply have to change your mind about these
small cruciferous veggies.

1. Air Fried – This is the recent favorite way to cook Brussels sprouts. An air fryer is a little
convection oven. It uses hot, distributing air to get food crispy with smaller oil. If you swing that way, this recipe has
an oil-free version, but the oil produces crispier results.

2. Roasted in this recipe you are to add ginger and toasted sesame oil to the mix, and it’s
awesomely delicious. You can also stir up the oils and seasonings to suit your tastes.
Vegans love and value bacon, too! Read an interview with Baconish author, Lenana Two
Moons, and grab the Brussels sprouts with bacon recipe from the book.


3. Sauteed (with vegan bacon!) This recipe is from the cookbook, Baconish, which turns to
frequently to satisfy an appetite for some vegan convenience food. These smoky, sweet sauteed
Brussels sprouts are a crowd-pleaser!
This is another smoky-sweet Brussels sprouts recipe. They simply take two minutes to steam in
the pressure cooker. Two minutes and your sprout Brussels is ready to be served.

4. Simmered in the Pressure Cooker Here is another smoky-sweet recipe.
They take just two minutes to steam in the pressure cooker. Literally – two minutes!
Hearty sweet potatoes are an excellent partner to bitter Brussels sprouts in this unique chili

5. In Your Next Chili Hearty sweet potatoes are the outstanding partner to bitter Brussels
sprouts in this unusual chili recipe.

6. Steamed on the Stovetop – With this recipe, you might not necessarily need a pressure
cooker to steam Brussels sprouts! You can just steam on the stovetop. Place your steamer
basket in the bottom of a large pot, and put in water (but not enough so it will touch the
Brussels). Put in the Brussels sprouts, and bring the water to a boil. Simmer for six to eight
minutes, until they’re lovely and tender. Season however you want it to be served.

People Also Ask

Is Brussels good for losing weight?

Brussels sprouts are loaded with nutrients- but not calories. If one of your health goals is to lose
weight, adding Brussels sprouts to your meal can help because they are low-calorie yet filling.

Is it better to roast or steam Brussels Sprouts?

Not to mention, quick steam is the perfect way to cook the sprout and keeps a vibrant green hue


I hope that you enjoy and find this article beneficial and I presume you can get creative and
make properly delicious brussels sprouts with the easy recipe information provided above in this

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