How to Use The GTS to Become a Permanent Residence in Canada

A great step you can take while immigrating to Canada is by learn how to make use of thr GTS to become a permanent resident in Canada. Meanwhile, before we move further, let’s talk about what GTS means.
A GTS (Global Talent Stream) is a Canada Immigration Program that was introduced due to a relationship that exists between the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) and the ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada). They established the program in order to meet the increased demand for jobs in Canada.
How Does GTS Work in Canada?
Just as we have earlier discussed, GTS is a Canadian-initiated immigration program that is aimed at assisting recruiters and hire managers in Canada in the process of hiring the necessary skilled labour from across the world which are needed to keep their production process moving, while there aren’t enough skilled workers in Canada to fill up the positions.
The Canadian government is consistently making efforts to map out possibe ways that will attract skilled immigrants to fill in the labor gap in the country. The Global Talent Stream program was firstly introduced in June 2017 to operate in Canada as a two-year pilot program, but st the moment, it appears that the program is here to stay.
The program is one the several immigration programs of Canadian government that allows foreign immigrants who have skillful tendency to move down to Canada and a get a temporary work permit which will be approved to operate in any specialised company in Canada. It is usually designed for a specific period of time, and you will be expected to get back to your home country.
The program is aimed at catering for the economic needs of the country. According to statistics, a rough number of 40,000 immigrants had come into Canada within two years into the GTS (Global Talent Stream) in June 2019.
The following are the basic features of the Global Talent Stream Canada’s program:
1. A Canadian initiative that is dedicated to help hiring managers and recruiters to create jobs in Canada.
2. You won’t necessarily need to get a work permit as a highly skilled worker.
3. You will be given a 30 day or less temporary work permit within a 12-month period.
4. The program involves a transfer of skillset from you to your Canadian counterpart(s).
The ability to know how you can use the GTS to become a permanent resident in Canada goes a long way to reduce your visa processing time from six months down to only ten business working days, thus giving you a quick response to your application request.
Thus, applying to be enrolled in Canada’s Global Talent Stream program will help you to get your Canadian work permit and visa applications to be processed much faster.
How to Use the GTS to become a Permanent Resident in Canada
You should consider the below steps when you wish to use the GTS to become a permanent resident in Canada:
1. Apply to get enrolled as a foreign worker for the Global Talent Stream (GTS)
2. Find a job listed under the Global Talent Stream.
3. Use your GTS to become a permanent resident in Canada
These are further broken down thus:
Apply to Get Enrolled as a Foreign Worker for the Global Talent Stream (GTS):
This is the first step to learning how to use the GTS to become a permanent resident in Canada. It involvesapplying to get enrolled as a foreign worker for the Global Talent Stream program.
Meanwhile, the Canada’s Global Talent Stream is classified into two basic categories:
Category A
Category A GTS-rated companies are those that are able to validate their requirement for foreign skilled talents. These are majorly big brands and companies in Canada. Category A GTS-rated companies in Canada are validated by designated referral partners to utilize the GTS program.
Kindly note that Category A GTS-rated companies in Canada must provide a yearly salary of $80,000 CAD to foreign workers for the first two applications while follow-up applications do require an annual salary of $1,050,000 CAD.
To qualify for the Category A GTS program with your professional skill, you must be able to show how advanced you are in a particular industry, alongside your advanced level of education attained in that same industry, in addition with at least 5 years of experience.
Category B
All other companies that are looking to hire highly skilled foreign workers on the GTS program list fall under this category.
This category of GTS entails high-demand skills that are really quite scarce among the local community in Canada. In most cases, the popular professions classified to this GTS category include:
Computer engineers,
IT analysts,
Software engineers,
Digital media professionals,
And lots more.
The list for Category B GTS immigrants is updated based on the changing labor and skill requirements in Canada. Also, the salary requirements to pay foreign workers for this category aren’t fix, and all depend on prevailing conditions within the country.
Kindly be informed that you can not apply to get enrolled in the GTS program directly as a foreign worker, rather, you can get a job in Canada that’s currently listed amongst one of the above Global Talent Stream categories.
Find a Job Listed Under the Global Talent Stream:
For you to get a job in Canada that is listed under the Global Talent Stream, you will need to go through different Job Boards within Canada.
It is advisable that you look up the
Job Bank database by the Canadian government.
On finally securing a job listed under the GTS, your recruiting manager will then be required to send out an application that includes all your essential details, and if your manager’s application request is successful, then they’d get a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) response.
After that, you will make use of this LMIA when applying for your Canadian work permit.
Once this final process is completed and you’ve gotten your work permit, you can then proceed to book your flight to Canada to start your new job.
Use Your GTS to Become a Permanent Resident in Canada
The last step involves finally being able to learn how to use the GTS to become a permanent resident in Canada.
The total maximum employment time for foreign workers recruited under the GTS scheme is two years, after which, they can proceed to apply for their Canadian permanent residency.


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