Step by Step Guide on How to Immigrate to Ottawa

It is usually hectic for immigrants to move to Ottawa, but if you know your way round, it could be an easy exercise for you. You need to check out for so many things before you embark on the trip to Ottawa.
You should be aware of the standard of living of the residents, healthcare packages, living costs, neighbourhood, educational facilities, transportation system, and all other things that contribute to the quality of life in general.
Just as it is when you want to travel to other provinces in Canada, moving to Ottawa is a bit challenging most especially if you are moving from a non-sister country. Meanwhile, the city of Ottawa can offer you just whatever type of living you want to have.
What You Need to Know About Ottawa 
The city of Ottawa is well known for hosting a good number of international music festivals alongside several other entertainment programs.
Being Canada’s capital city, Ottawa is located in the eastern part of Southern Ontario. It is the home to an overwhelming ice skating rink, along with some really beautiful natural environment.
You should be aware that living in Ottawa simply means you will be living in the second cleanest city in Canada, and the third cleanest in the world. The city is usually referred to as a “one home away” from home for all immigrants.
If you are considering starting a family, having advanced education, and also a great place to live for retirement, then the city of Ottawa is the right answer.
There are several job opportunities spanning various departments and spheres of life. The city is economically stable due to its neutral zone of employment that is independent of resources, manufacturing, or services. According to reports, an average person in Ottawa earns $3,106 monthly after being settled, paying taxes and fees.
Meanwhile, you will need to pay for federal and provincial tax, Canada pension plan, employment insurance in the country on getting salary, but still $3,000 and above is a good way to start a life as an immigrant who is just moving to Ottawa.
Regardless of where you are immigrating from, you are expected to apply for a Canadian travel visa and the type of visa you are applying for will be determined by the purpose of travelling such as work, schooling, or rather you are just interested in a Canadian permanent residency status.
Requirements for Immigrating to Canada
The following documents are required when you are moving to Ottawa as an immigrant:
1. Canadian Immigration visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR).
2. Valid travel documents and passport.
3. Language proficiency test results
4. Birth certificate, an affidavit, and a passport photograph.
5. Marriage certificate, divorce or separation documents, adoption papers if applicable.
6. Vaccination, immunization, dental and other health records.
7. Trade or professional certificates and licenses.
8. Reference letter from your former employer, and if available, samples of your professional work.
9. School records of each child travelling with you.
10. Two copies of a detailed list of all personal and household items you are carrying along.
11. International driver’s license together with car registration documents should in case you’re importing any of your cars to Ottawa.
12. Two copies of a list of items arriving later and their monetary value.
13. Copies of all post-secondary diplomas, degrees, and necessary documents.
Meanwhile, some documents mentioned above are dependent on your nature of visit.
The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program:
While you will need to know the necessary immigration programs that you will qualify for Ontario’s PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). As an immigrant, it is a program that enables you to apply as an employer, business owner, foreign student, or under the Express Entry System on your move to Ottawa as an immigrant.
When you apply for this program,  you stack up points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on how you will meet up the following requirements:
1. Work experience
2. Language skills
3. Education
4. Age
5. Admissibility
6. Responsibility
What Can I Do on Moving to Ottawa as an Immigrant?
When you get in your new home in Ottawa, you should then consider to do the following:
1. Apply for an Ontario Health Card.
2. Apply for a Social Insurance Number.
3. Open a bank account.
4. Have fun.


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