What You Need to Know About Moving to Montreal from US

MONTREAL, CANADA - October 2017: The colourful Victorian facades of the Le Plateau neighbourhood

Moving to Montreal from US is beyond just securing visa or getting legal entry inti the city. The Montreal city is founded in 1642, known as “The City of Mary”. It is the second-most populous city in Canada. 
The city is named after Mount Royal, the triple-peaked hill in the heart of the city. Owing to its dominance as the center of technology in Canada, Montreal still plays a crucial part in the nation’s finance, commerce, education, aerospace, fashion, transport, pharmaceuticals, design, art, culture, tourism, food, film industry, and many more world affairs.
In addition, Montreal is also well defined in the video game development industry and has established itself as the commercial capital of Canada. This could be reason why everyone wish to go there.
That being said, while one may no longer hold the urge to visit the city, it is important to note the pros and cons that may influence your decision making process of immigrating to Montreal from US.
What You Need to Know: Moving to Montreal from US

There are some amazing facts that you should be aware while moving to Montreal from US (New York specifically). The following things are what you should consider when moving to Montreal from US:
1. Demographics
2. Quality of living
3. Affordability of housing
4. Environmental factors
5. Leisure and entertainment
6. Transportation
Now, let’s talk about the listed points. 
1. Demographics: If we are to talk about demographics (which is a common factor that relates to the population density of people residing in a particular city), then Montreal ranks better than US. 
The city has a population density that is about 78.37% less than New York’s, and with an average of 2,205 people per km² as compared with New York’s 10,194 people per km². it’s pretty clear now why we have more people moving to Montreal from the US.

These figures reveals that Montreal is far less crowded than New York, making it easier to live in.
2. Quality of living: Looking critically on the comparative quality of living (Montreal and New York), one will realise that going by their 0.44:0.47 income inequalities, Montreal loses by 0.03 mere units, but it’s still 25 units ahead in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.
Montreal also wins by a 5.4 unit lower murder rate as statistics have revealed their 1:6.4 unit murder rate.

In fact, Montreal is one the safest city to live in the world today. 
3. Affordability of housing: There are several people immigrating from US to Montreal due to high cost of housing in US.
An average one-bedroom flat apartment in Montreal goes for about $1,004.41, while a whopping $3,025.73 is spent on a similar space in New York. Verily, this $2,021.32 difference would leave you with a specific choice of whether to move to Montreal or Not.


4. Environmental factors: Since different climatic conditions work for different people, it’s also good that you know the temperature and humidity ranges of both places.
New York is 6.5°C hotter than Montreal as both cities have 14.2°C and 7.7°C temperatures respectively.
Also, New York (68%) also has an 11.1% lower humidity rate as compared to Montreal’s (79.1%), as well as a seaside beach, leaving Montreal with just lakes.
5. Leisure and Entertainment: We can say both cities (New York and Montreal) are qualified to be labelled as best places for leisure and entertainment, but New York’s big sporting facility (including stadiums, arenas, etc.) makes it stand out.
New York also has one (1) more landmark from the UNESCO World Heritage list while Montreal wins as a site of pilgrimage for world religion, and is/was a host city of the Olympics, all of which New York is yet to achieve yet.
6. Transportation: While New York has three airports and Montreal has only two, it is still a fact that New York doesn’t win the majority vote in terms of being the best city with the best transportation facilities.
In fact, Montreal has seven (7) more efficient traffic-controlled IBM than New York.
In addition, the average monthly ticket in Montreal is $59.9 cheaper than that in New York since statistics have shown us that the average monthly public transport ticket in both cities is $70.1 and $130 respectively. 
This makes it a good reason why most people today are moving to Montreal from the US, most especially those who don’t own a private car as they are bound to spend less on transport in Montreal than in New York.
The cost of moving to Montreal from the US all depends on how many people you are carrying along for your trip. But basically, it will cost you about $5,300 when moving to Montreal from the US on your own, and roughly about $10,000 moving as a family.

Though considered as the most expensive city to live in Canada, Montreal is still one of the cheapest and most comfortable cities to live in on your next move from the United States.



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